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Confidentiality Notice: The data provided herein contains information that is confidential, protected by applicable legal privilege and constitutes non-public information. It is intended to be conveyed only to designated recipient(s). If you are not an authorized recipient of this information, please notify the provider and then delete it from your system. Use, dissemination, distribution or reproduction of this information by unintended recipients is not authorized and may be unlawful.

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First read the Procedure section below, then go to the Registration page and complete the form. Next display the Non-Disclosure Agreement. Read it, print and sign it, and then fax it back to us. See the Contact Us page for the Telephone/Fax number. Both the Registration form and the signed Agreement are requirements for permission to view the Confidential Information.

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Procedure: If you have not yet registered with us, you will need to do so first by filling out a registration form using this Registration link. You will also need to download, print, read, and sign our Non-Disclosure Agreement, and fax it back to us. Use the first Email address and Fax number displayed on our Contact Us page. We will then send you a unique password that will allow you to log in and access the confidential information group you selected using one of the Information Page Log In links above. A list of the confidential information that is available on this website, and that requires user authentication is displayed in the following two tables.

           Technical Information Section
  • Consulting Engineer
  • Environmental Validation Studies

Note: To receive additional general information not contained in this website, please add the following five items of your business information to an email or fax to us:
1. Company (website if available)
2. Business (including starting date)
3. Operating Territory
4. Key Management
5. Reason for Inquiry

For specific project information please use this link to download our Project Questionnaire. After you print this document, you can enter your answers to the right of each listed item if there is enough room, or simply add another sheet of paper with answers that reference the questionnaire items by section and number. Then fax these two documents back to us.
Alternatively, you can create an email that simply references the questionnaire items by section and number, and email that to us.

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