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Securing Government business can be a complex and expensive process. If a company is to be successful in promoting its products and services to the numerous government agencies, a specific and regimented path must be followed to qualify as a government vendor under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). The proverb that you only have "one chance to make a good first impression" could not be more appropriate then when submitting a competitive proposal to the Federal Government.

In order to effectively market the Company's products and services to the Federal Government and certain designated private sector industries, the Company is pleased to announce that it has entered into a long-term exclusive agreement with Global Marketing Development Solutions, Inc. ("GMD Solutions") of Alexandria, Virginia to promote and secure business opportunities for the Company within selected target markets. As you can see from the GMD Solutions website at www.gmdsinc.com, they have a proven and exemplary track record of promoting and selling private industry technology products and services to the Federal Government.

The highly experienced staff at GMD Solutions has been developing and implementing successful creative marketing strategies to Government agencies for over twenty years based on their extensive backgrounds previously working within the well-established Government procurement process. GMD Solutions draws on those years of hands-on experience within the private sector and Federal Government to provide a full range of successful marketing and business consulting services. GMD Solutions will also assist the Company in identifying and capturing new markets in North America for our products and services in both government and commercial sectors through market research & market analysis, business strategy development, direct marketing and sales and all aspects of government contracting including proposal writing, source selection activities, and dispute resolution.

GMD Solution will also assist the Company in the identification of U.S. teaming partners. In addition, GMD Solutions will provide representation services to the federal government that will include problem solving, identifying related government budgets, assisting in the preparation of feasibility studies; negotiating complex Government contracts, securing government grants and monitoring compliance of agreements in order to assure a successful result for both the Federal Government and the Company.

It is this very special alliance with GMD Solutions that will enable the Company to provide its customers with the most cost effective and creditable solution to their environmental and energy problems.

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